School Admissions Information

Admissions for children into full-time school
Following a visit to school, if you would like your child to join North Wheatley C of E Primary then please inform school staff and contact the local admissions authority, Nottinghamshire County Council on 0115 8041237.
Please find below our admission arrangements.

Admissions into Full-time school 2017 – 2018

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Admissions 2018/19

Admission into our Early Years
We admit children into our EYFS in the term following their third birthday. Please contact school to place your child’s name on our EYFS admission list and to discuss things further. We hold regular events to enable families to get to know more about our staff and learning environment.

Early Years Admissions Policy
North Wheatley C of E Primary Early Years Foundation Stage
Admissions Policy

All eligible three and four year olds are currently entitled to 570 hours of free provision a year, over a minimum of 38 weeks of the year. This equates to 15 hours free early learning per week, for 38 weeks per year during term time.
It is generally regarded as good early years’ practice that your child attends only one setting for their free entitlement as this is believed to be in the best interests of a child. North Wheatley is able to offer 15 hours/week between 8.30 and 11.30 am. As demand for places is high, we expect pupils to enrol for the five mornings, building up from 4 mornings in the first half term, if needed.

Children are eligible for a free part-time place in the term following their third birthdays:
If the child is born between:
• 1 September and 31 December Spring term
• 1 January and 31 April Summer term (as Easter holidays are not fixed and to give 3 equal term bands)
• 1 May and 31 August Autumn term

Admission Number
An admission number is set taking into consideration the staffing levels and physical limitation of the space available at the early years setting. The maximum number of children that can be accommodated is 26 pupils with 1 teacher and 1 TA, or up to 31 pupils with 1 teacher and 2 TAs (Spring and Summer terms only).

Admissions into FS1 .
If the number of pupils seeking admission to the EYFS exceeds the number of fulltime places available when the cohort enters FS2, then the following order of priority will be used:
1. Looked After Children
2. Pupils currently living in the ‘catchment’ area of the school.
3. Pupils whose parents are currently employed by school on a permanent contract.
4. Pupils who would, in the first year to which the application relates, have an elder brother or sister in attendance at the school.
5. Pupils who meet the following requirements:

• They are distinguished from the majority of other applicants either on medical grounds which are supported by a medical report, obtained by parents, specifying the medical advantage of the child attending the preferred school compared with the normal ‘catchment’ area school
• or by other exceptional circumstances material to the choice of school (i.e. the circumstances of the child, not the social or economic circumstances of the parent) they would suffer hardship if they were unable to attend the school.

6. Other pupils arranged in order of priority according to how long they have been on the EYFS waiting list.
7. Other pupils arranged in order of priority according to how far they live away from school calculated on the shortest driving route.

Late or in year applications for part time EYFS places (where the cohort has already been admitted) will be agreed on the above criteria but only if there is space for that child into school.
The school currently has a PAN (pupil admission number) of 8 but for the past three years and in the foreseeable future this will be increased to 12 to meet current demand for places.

Admissions into FS2/ reception year group
Parents/carers need to formally apply to Nottinghamshire County Council admissions for a full time place in school.
A place in our FS1 does not guarantee a fulltime place in school.

Administrative Procedure
An admissions form is completed by a parent (if a visit is made to school) or by a member of staff at the school (if details are given through a telephone call). The child is then placed on the EYFS waiting list and families will be kept informed of school events etc.

In Year Admissions 2016/17

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