Behaviour policy.

Behaviour in school is judged to be excellent, we are proud to receive a phenomenal amount of compliments regarding pupils behaviour when out on visits or when welcoming visitors into school. Pupils work together to help each other to ‘be the best that they can be’, they are encouraged to be highly reflective and proactive in helping themselves and others to make ‘good choices’. The calm and positive atmosphere in school is evident. The vast majority of parents respond to the annaul survey statement, ‘the school ensures that pupils are well behaved’ exceedingly positively.

Bullying of any and every kind is not tolerated. Incidents are very rare but if they arise, they are dealt with very swiftly and proactively. There is a consistent, whole school approach to dealing with any form of bullying including racist, homophobic and cyber bullying. As a staff, we are aware of all forms of bullying and deal with these as they arise or in response to questions from pupils (for example, with sexual exploitation issues) We work very closely with parents and families to ensure that school is a happy and safe place to be. In the annual parent surveys, again the vast majority of parents felt that the school deals effectively with bullying.

Behaviour-policy June 2017 NWPS

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