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Mrs Grierson
Mrs Grierson wrote: Art Afternoon
Mrs Grierson
Mrs Grierson wrote:
Class 2 full size metallic figures are well under way. Our very own iron men will be ready to use their forces on the new gym equipment. Here pupils are sculpting the figures using malleable materials.   [gallery ids="1054,1053,1052,1051,1 (More)
staffstokes wrote: Arts week
Class 3 have had a great start to Arts Week ready for our Friday celebration event. Class 3 have been so very focused and have been looking at the intricate details of flowers. This term, our topic has been observational drawing where we have looked (More)
Mrs Grierson
Mrs Grierson wrote: Movement
Developing on from the theme of forces pupils have considered the body shape required for movement. Here the class are creating prototype metal foil sculptures look out next week for full size ones. [gallery ids="84,85,86"] (More)

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