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Miss Sharpe
Miss Sharpe wrote: FS2 Gymnastics
This term in PE we have been focusing on our gymnastics skills. The children have all been developing their rolling. This included learning different ways to travel by rolling and completed by learning the progressions of a forward roll. We have r (More)
Today we had a special visitor in school - Mr Tatterson from Tuxford Academy's PE department. He has been sharing with us the importance of a healthy lifestyle and making positive choices with our food choices and swapping some of our unhealthy snack (More)
Yesterday we had an exciting day at Coloured Cob Equestrian Centre. Although we ended up a little bit soggy, we really enjoyed our day and had a lot of fun. We learned lots of new skills, including horse riding, how to handle tack correctly, how t (More)
[gallery ids="49,50,51,54,55,56,53,52,57"] Write Dance is a movement based programme designed to develop childrens gross and fine motor. Movement plays a central role in learning to write. The children listen to a story , move to music and then sc (More)