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Mrs Grierson
Mrs Grierson wrote: Scientific Chocolate
Class 2 have looked at the journey which chocolate takes from Bean to Bar. Finding out how the bean is harvested in the 'Rainforest', data collection of taste testing, improving the design of a bar. The photos here show pupils investigating how 'c (More)
Mrs HallYear 5 pupils spent the day in the science labs at Tuxford Academy finding out how to use identify whether substances are acid or alkaline based, examining different fibres using microscopes, calculating the height of a person from their footprint an (More)
Pupils have said our messy afternoon has been their best day ever! We had lots of fun in the mud kitchen, painting on material and paper (and for some on ourselves!), blowing bubbles, mixing flour and water, making slime.... oh and not forgetting the (More)
As part of our creative curriculum, today we have been finding out what makes the best bubbles. Pupils made predictions and carried out simple tests to find out the answers. It was wonderful to see the excitement and engagement in pupils' faces a (More)
Today we made predictions and tested our theories linked to the question 'What happens when I mix things with water?' What happened to each item when it got mixed with the water? Leave a blog comment to tell us! [gallery ids="1134,1150,1149,114 (More)
Mrs Moden wrote: Poo exploration!!!
This afternoon Class 1 have been dissecting animal poo to discover whether their animal was a carnivore or a herbivore. We found leaves in herbivore poo and worms in the carnivore poo. We have been able to classify animals by what they eat and have e (More)
Miss Sharpe
Miss Sharpe wrote: Growing legs and leaves!
This week we have been excited to see our garden beginning to grow. We have been very good at making sure the beds are being watered and well looked after. Our beans, which are displayed on the classroom windows are beginning to show signs of growth (More)
Miss Sharpe[gallery size="medium" link="file" ids="472,471,470,467,468,469"] This week, we are awaiting the arrival of some tadpoles. They will be coming from Mr Sharpe's (Miss Sharpe's Dad) pond. She has taken some pictures to share with us and we are r (More)
Mrs Moden wrote: Science Sorting
Class 1 have been on a 'Woodland Walk' around the playground exploring the trees and plants we have. We hunted for objects that were living and non-living and discussed the characteristics. We wrote our ideas in chalk on the playground (you might hav (More)
Mrs Moden wrote: Materials and properties
Today we have been looking at the properties of a range of materials. We have compared similarities between a range of everyday objects in the classroom. We then tested a range of materials to see which would be the strongest, smoothest, hardest a (More)

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